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This is my first time replying to something like this but I thought I’d help anyway. :) “This Is War” as in 30 Seconds to Mars? I know a few of their songs like Kings & Queens (love that one), and a Beautiful Lie. Why not try listening to Paramore?

Yup, exactly. I’ll give those a shot! (Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard those other two before, but songs just don’t stick in my mind unless I listen to them a lot…)

Any songs in particular you recommend, or just Paramore in general?


Posted on 19 August 2012, at 2.01pm, with 1 note
  1. shi--kuroi said: Try That’s What You Get (that was the first song that got me hooked on them), Brick By Boring Brick, or Monster. Also any song from their album Brand New Eyes.
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